Just moved here: Looking for Preschool

Hi. I just moved to Florence with my two young children. My son is four and I would love for him to attend a preschool in Florence this fall. I have seen on a map that there are many preschools located near where we live. My only concern is that I only speak a little Italian (I’m learning now) and it will be difficult for me to get him enrolled in a school. I would love any advice anyone has to offer about this and it would be wonderful to find someone who could go with me to the school to help sort this out. We moved here for my husband’s job and I don’t know ANYONE yet. Thank you!

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  1. Hi
    We moved over from UK 3 months ago, but expect to move into Florence next week. My 3 year old son started yesterday the scuola materna, on Via della chiesa, Oltrano. The school they attend will depend on where you live. I can’t say a place is guarateed, but we were late registering, and I was very anxious about availability.
    What I’ve seen so far- it is an excellent school. Kind and caring teachers, and nice mix of kids (all nationalities.)
    In terms of getting registered, my husband pretty much did it all- he is Italian. If I can help though, let me know, as he would be happy to help if you are stuck.
    I am expecting our second child in January so would love to meet other mums.
    All the best for now and GOOD LUCK

  2. Hello, I’m in a similar position to you, maybe a week ahead! We also moved here because of my husband’s work and are learning Italian. Our daughter (just 4) is attending pre school at the Kindergarten Firenze but it is only her 2nd day today and I think they are full. Where abouts do you live? Towards the end of this month we are moving to Pizza d’Azeglio and I am looking for a nursery with flexible hrs for our son who is 17 months. I’d love to meet up at some point and our children could play together. Let me know,. Becca Hamblin

    • Hi Becca,
      I just read your comment and wanted to let you know that I’ve been babysitting for a couple people here,in Florence. I have a 2,5 year old daughter,who is going to daycare,but my work is very flexible so I can do this too. I know how hard this transformation is,so I can relate 😉 Let me know,Zuzana

    • Hi Becca. Thank you for your reply. I would be great to get together since we are both in a similar situation. I know my son would love to have someone (besides his sister) to play with! He just turned 4 and my daughter is almost 2. I’d also love to hear about your daughter’s school experience. You can send me an email. myrnatrent@hotmail.com

  3. Hi,
    welcome to Florence. For pubblic schools (scuola d’infanzia) you might go to the main office
    Via Nicolodi, 2 – FIRENZE – tel. 055/262.5605
    e-mail: scuola.infanzia@comune.firenze.it
    I don’t know how they handle late enrolments. But it might even be helpful to go directly to the school as they can tell you how many places are left. For the private ones, just ask there.
    For more questions just send me an e-mail to ruth.neumann@gmx.de. I have a 3,5 year old boy and a 5 year old girl going to preschool, so don’t hesitate to ask.

    • Thank you so much for your reply! I will go to the schools near my home on Monday and see if there is space available for my son. I will also contact the main school office. I’ll go in person since the language barrier seems to be more difficult over the phone. Thank you also for your contact information. I will be in touch with questions!


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