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WHERE? Hèlikos Scuola Internazionale di Creazione Teatrale Helikos. Via della Chiesa 36-r, Oltrarno- Just beside Mama’s Bakery!

WHEN? The 15-20 hour weekly workshops will run from the 13th of June until the 8th of July.

Week 1: Fiabe Mixate/Fractured Fairytales.

Week 2: Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio/ The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Week 3: Il Fagiolo Magico/Jack and the Beanstalk/

Week 4: Gli Animali di Esopo/ Aesop’s Animals

Once a week for 1 h 20 M: Racconti per la Prima Infanzia/ Toddler tales

WHAT? Page to Stage: Spend a week building a story with your body. Page to Stage is a series of workshops designed by Theatre Amoeba which take written stories on a journey through improvisation, movement, voice and cound effects which eventually lands them on stage.

Theatre Amoeba is an international movement theatre company which focuses on performance, social and educational projects including teaching and directing devised storytelling in places such as Ireland, Poland, South Korea, Philippines, Morocco, Italy, Indonesia, England, and the USA. Amoeba’s next projects include storytelling Haiti and Lebanon and previous creations have been seen in festivals including Chuncheon in Korea and Chefchauen in Morocco.

The workshops will be led by Denise Rinehart. Denise is an internationally recognized directer, teaching and movement artist. She is the founder of Denise follows a dynamic approach to creating with kids incorporating her professional training and work in movement theatre with imagination and a lot of dynamic fun and the occasional handstand. Denise received her MA-ed in International Education while on a fellowship abroad in Poland and her MFA in Lecoq based- devised movement theatre at The London International School of Performing Arts. Most recently, Denise worked as a teaching assistant to Giovanni Fusetti and taught Poetic Acrobatics at Helikos International School of Creation.

ORARI, HOURS: Entrata:9.00 Uscita: 12.00(fino alle 13.00 + euro 30) dal lunedì al venerdì/ From 9:00- 12:00 Monday- Friday (9:00- 1:00 + 30 euros), Max 8 bambini per gruppo/Maximum 8 Children per class. Racconti per la prima infanzia: Martedi 17.00-18.20/Toddler Tales: Tuesday from 5:00- 6:20

FEES: Tariffa per ogni turno: euro 95 per ciascun bambino, 95 euros per week; Tariffa per più di 2 turni: euro 90 a turno per ciascun bambino, 90 euros for more than one week; Sconto secondo figlio: euro 90/85 sulla tariffa del iscritto, 90/85 (for more than one week) euros for a second son/daughter.*Un acconto di 50 euro dovrà essere versato al momento dell’inscrizione. A 50 euro registration deposit is required. Racconti per la prima infanzia: euro 10 a incontro per 4 incontri su prenotazione, Toddler Tales10 euros per class with reservation.

EXTRA, EXTRAS: Finish at 1:00- an additional 30 euros per week including a delicious Mama’s Bakery lunch (Panini and Juice) or an additional 10 euros with bag lunch.

2 responses to “Page to Stage”

  1. We do have availability. They would make a fantastic addition to our class. Please visit for more details and expect a call from Georgia from the Helikos International School of Creation or in turn we may be reached at 3394986375. We just finished our first week and had a great performance of “Hansel and Gretel”.

    Like Helikos Outreach?

  2. Do you have availability for the 4th week for a 7 year old and 8 year old american girls that are fluent in Italian?
    Please call Heather 345.849.0030

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