Expat Reading

Hi Moms,

As I mentioned in the past, I have received some great books for Expats.  I am going to post the next group I got.  They are from Global Connections.  www.global-connection.info

Global Connection is an internationally operating media company focusing especially on expats and their partners. Global Connection informs and inspires expats and their partners in order to contribute to their well-being and mobility and thus to the success of their posting.

They have their own bookstore:  http://www.global-connection.info/bookstore/main

Some of the books they sent me are:

  • Expat & Travel Stories

  • Expat & Partner Guide

  • Expat Kids

  • On the Move

  • Repats

  • Care for your health

They look very interesting and very informative.    You can purchase directly from their book store individually or if we get a large group interest then I can order at a group rate discount.  But this you would have to let me know soon.

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