Florence International Theatre Company to The Global Theatre Project.

Versione Italiana

Dear friends and colleagues of FITC.

In our last newsletter we spoke of transition from Florence International Theatre Company to The Global Theatre Project.

That transition is now complete and this is the last email you will receive from FITC.  But our work in Florence as a new organization is only just beginning.  And for this reason we will be transitioning the newsletter to The Global Theatre Project and ask you to please accept emails from info@theglobaltheatreproject.org in the future.


The Global Theatre Project held an inauguration in Downtown Los Angeles with several wonderful actors, including Ed Harris and James Cromwell (seen in photo with Bari Hochwald), who came together to celebrate the power of international collaboration as well as to bring awareness to the situation in Belarus.   The event initiated a fund for The Global Theatre Project to bring actors and students together with the members of The Belarus Free Theatre in a collaborative project which explores human rights.

During the months of June and July The Global Theatre Project will launch Global Voices which will bring students of the University of Texas into a creative relationship with the city of Florence.  The students will actively explore the history of Italian theatre and share their findings and studies in public presentations throughout their 8 week stay.  Workshops offered by US, Italian and other international artist/educators will be offered gratis to members of the theatre community.  The final presentation will be professionally staged and directed.  In a gesture of exchange and collaboration, ‘A Stubborn Woman’ written by emerging Florentine playwright Stefano Massini and ‘The Nina Variations’ written by American playwright Steven Dietz, will be performed in staged readings in English and Italian respectively.  Subtitles in the corresponding languages will also be projected.


It would be untrue to say that we do not mourn the loss of FITC.  During the 5 years of its life I often referred to it as ‘my child’ and I nurtured and cared for it with patience and love which I felt toward it as something I had ‘birthed.’  However, with all the beautiful work we created we saw it would not be possible to realize the potential and the vision of FITC with the resources available to us.  And those we had, honestly, dwindled to almost nothing.  In order to see ‘my child’ not only stand but walk and run I had to let FITC go and allow its center, its heart, to find stronger ground upon which it could grow.  The Global Theatre Project, although based in the US, is a fluid organization which will work on a project-by-project basis with one goal in mind.  Nothing less than to change the world.   We will do this through creative engagement, developing healthy international relationships, apprentice style professional education and community development.  All wrapped up in one project at a time.  It is a huge vision.  But I see no vision more needed now than that which reminds us we are one world.  We are a global family.  Celebrating that through creating stories together and sharing them is something we vitally need today.  I sincerely hope you will join me and become actively involved in The Global Theatre Project.  I will be in Florence from May 24th through the end of July.  Please get in touch with me at bari@florencetheatre.com and let’s discover what we can do together.

Bari Hochwald
Producing Artistic Director

Mailing List Management

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