FESTA Kids Workshop – Don’t Laugh at Me!

We are presenting a kids workshop called “Don’t Laugh at Me” starting this Saturday at the International French School in Via Gioberti, 67.  The workshop description and details are below.

FESTA Kids Workshop – Don’t Laugh at Me!

Dear Friends, parents, kids and Colleagues.

Life on the playground can be rough.

There is not a parent among us who hasn’t known the pain of their little one returning from school in tears because they’ve been teased, or were left out of a game, or they weren’t invited to a party – or any of the other thousands of small hurts, big and small, that our kids face everyday.

As our kids start becoming aware of the whole notion of “popularity” – it just gets worse. We want to be there to protect them, but we cannot. So, we tell them to stand up for themselves, but they don’t really know how. We want them to stand up for each other, but without the tools, that can be a very scary proposition!

Don’t Laugh at Me is a program that empowers kids to stand up for themselves, and for each other. It teaches kids empathy, compassion – and the fundamental truth that inside, we really are the same. Out of all the programs FESTA has taught over the years, DLAM has been the most profound, most wonderful – and most important project we have ever led.

Through music, theater, improvisation DLAM teaches kids how to express themselves, handle conflict constructively, and how to be peacemakers. This program gives them the tools they need to move through the world with assurance and self confidence. It teaches them how to stand up for themselves and each other, when to walk away – and how to relate to each other with respect and kindness.

DLAM will be hosted at the French International School, Via Gioberti 67 Saturday’s from 2 -5 from April 2 – May 28th. The eight week course will result in a final performance, written and directed by our kids. To enroll, write Suzanne@festatheatre.com

The eight week program will be 225 Euro, and scholarships are available on an at-need basis. Classes are taught in English, with translators always available.

Suzanne daSilva

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