Local English News Papers, Bookstores and Magazines


English newspaper available online and throughout town

English newspaper available online and throughout town

Paperback Exchange Bookstore  -Sells books written in English for all ages

La Feltrinelli International -Carries some English books

Expat Books (I have read and reviewed)

English Churches:

St. James Church
St. Marks Church
Methodist Church
Mosaico’s Church

Catholic Mass in English:

Basilica della Santissima AnnunziataCatholic mass in English that is offered at 11am on Sunday’s. The Priest is Father Scott Murphy.

MASSES IN ENGLISH – Every Saturday 5 p.m.: Duomo of Florence – The first Saturday of the month 5 p.m.: Oratorio Misericordia Piazza Duomo – Confessions before and after every Mass

 Jewish Community:

Synagogue of Firenze

Progressive/Reform Jewish Congregation

Local Expat Groups & Sites

Women’s International NETWORK of Florence
American International League of Florence Onlus (AILO)
Young Anglo Women’s Network (YAWN)


 Worldwide Expat Sites:


expats in Italy logo

Bilingual & Multilingual Children’s Association

Mom Blogs 

Maple Leaf Mamma
Bambini Sprint
Natural Italy Blog
Italy Three
Vintage Fables
Florence Bound
Italian Footprints through Art and Nature
Francesca Radice in High Tuscany



2 responses to “Links”

  1. Great website! I have recently discovered that there is an English mass in the chapel at Santissima Annunziata. It is a Catholic mass in English that is offered at 11am on Sunday’s. The Priest, Father Scott Murphy is great. Any chance you could add it to the list above. Thank You

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