Want to know your pollution level in your area

pollutionHere is a great link to know what your pollution levels are in your area.


Why do you want to know your pollution level?

Well the big thing that they have been linking the pollution in the city too is Asthma in children. This does not mean your child will get asthma since some are more prone then others, but they do say that this is one of the big culprits for causing Asthma in Children.

That said they do have regulations for the pollution levels. When the pollution gets to high they cut back on the amount of cars that can circulate in the city. Since I have been here this has happened almost every year.

Should you be concerned? Personally I prefer to be in a more greener environment then on a main street if possible, but that is  not always possible.  So good thoughts though,  many have lived here in Florence all their life and are 100 years old and walking the streets daily without any problems at all.

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