Renting an apartment in Italy short or long term.


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Those of you who are staying in Italy for a long stay or maybe want to get a native experience living in an apartment should know the laws and rights of living in an apartment in Italy.  I worked for an apartment rental agency in Florence.    Since I was dealing with the customers, and ran the company most of July and August by myself while the owners were on vacation, I wanted to share my knowledge about what I learned from the agency and tenants themselves.

1. A large majority of apartment agencies are run illegally.  Apartments can legally be rented by the owner or a certified real estate agent.   If you get an e-mail asking you to bring ‘cash’ it means that they most likely don’t want to pay taxes on the apartment and it is an illegal renting.  They may try and get you to sign a…

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“Can’t You Just Stay?” | il bel centro


Yes it seems these are the posts of expat returning to their homes lately, but that is because there are a lot of expat leaving Italy to go home.  They are leaving for many reason.  Read this blog post about a family moving back and why. "And so I am frequently asked, can’t you just … Continue reading “Can’t You Just Stay?” | il bel centro

Mom’s you should know for Traveling outside Italy

Mom's you should know for Traveling outside Italy  If you did not know read this before you travel: The EU changed rules about a year ago and you are not allowed to travel with your children on the passports anymore. Make sure that any children travelling with you either have their own passport or ID … Continue reading Mom’s you should know for Traveling outside Italy

Changes to passport services for British nationals | News in Rome | Rome City Guide | Wanted in Rome

The British Government is making important changes to the passport service for British nationals living overseas. From 3 June 2013, the application process will be centralised and British nationals in Italy and San Marino should submit their passport application to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the UK. via Changes to passport services for British nationals … Continue reading Changes to passport services for British nationals | News in Rome | Rome City Guide | Wanted in Rome

Parking and Changed Zones


Some of you might know and some of you might not know but Firenze has changed their parking Zones.  It is not done by Quartiere any more more on this new system stated here. Controlled parking zone (ZCS) We found this out the hard way by getting a ticket while parking by our kids school.  … Continue reading Parking and Changed Zones

Residency in Florence as a non EU citizen

To apply for residency in Florence as a non EU citizen you must first have your Permesso di Soggiorno. by Amy Mancino Once you have your Permesso di Soggiorno you must bring it to the Anagrafe office to have them register it. Bring your original passport(s) and registered contract if you are renting. There is … Continue reading Residency in Florence as a non EU citizen

Permesso di Soggiorno for non EU citizens

Before applying for residency for non EU citizens you must first take care of your Permesso di Soggiorno by Amy Mancino The Permesso di Soggiorno (PdiS) is your most important document if you are a non-EU citizen in Italy. It can be translated to Permit to Stay.  Many places (online and in books) translate this as … Continue reading Permesso di Soggiorno for non EU citizens

Important Change in Italy

Have two different writings of your place of birth on your Italian Documents?  You are going to have some difficulties getting things done around here. New Italian bureaucracy warning for the other unfortunate people who have to get an Italian driver's license: I was supposed to take my final driving exam yesterday but (of course, … Continue reading Important Change in Italy

My Road to Italian Citizenship!

My Road to Italian Citizenship! Many of you moms may be interested in citizenship here in Italy…or have maybe thought of it.  The benefits are not having to travel everywhere with your passport while your out and about in Europe and the whole voting thing…if you think it’s worth it.  A common misconception…which I had … Continue reading My Road to Italian Citizenship!

Gas bill through the roof

A Mom so nicely decided to share an experience she had with the Gas company.  You should read it so you will not be caught off guard.  She is not the only mom that have had this problem.  When you first move in you should check all your utilities, know how they check and charge … Continue reading Gas bill through the roof