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Ghiaccioli: Ice Pops


It is getting warmer again and that just calls to me Ice Pops I love them because they can be made healthy and so versatile.  For starters you need to get the molds and Amazon.it has a huge selection and many different sizes ranging from infant small ones to adult large ones.  Check them out here: Stampi per Ghiaccioli

Here are some really good recipes for Ice pops:

Swirled stawberries, blueberries, and yogurt bring the red, white, and blue to these ice pops – Martha Stewart






Vegan Chocolate Popsicles with Roasted Almonds  – ziziadventures.com  





Limeade Ice Pops with Strawberry and Kiwi crunchycreamysweet.com




A lot more Here : Ice pops

Comment with your favorite Ice Pop Recipe.