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Parcheggio rosa: Pregnant Moms and Moms with Newborns

Parcheggi-rosaHave you seen these around town? 

 If  so post below where you have seen them.

Now throughout town there is parking spots for pregnant moms and moms with newborns (0 – 12 months).

There have been some articles that the spaces are limited and a lot of the times  occupied by others that are not pregnant, so I hope you find one since this is one step closer for township helping the pregnant mothers and those with young children.

Also in Florence you can get “viva la mamma” parking permit at parterre that let’s new moms park anywhere in the ZCS and ZTL parking  area and not just in your neighborhood, it’s 30 euro and lasts until baby turns 2 years old. You can get this for ZCS by downloading the form and paying 30 euros.

Viva la mamma ZCS Download

Scheda 5.4 – Donne in stato di gravidanza e nuclei familiari con bambini fino a 2 anni (ZTL Area) Download

Whom can get a permit for parking:

Pregnant mother a resident in the Commune of Firenze

Families residing in the town of Florence and with a child of two years and younger

Pregnant mother nonresident in the Commune of Firenze for medical visits or labs testing if you have reducedmotor skills

Documents needed:

Certificate of pregnancy ASL or gynecologist if the request header includes the dates of your pregnancy

Self-certification of an affidavit of request (where, if the request is made after the child’s birth, if you declare the date of birth of the child and his residence in the City of Florence)

Copy of / the “liberetto” of the license plate of vehicles ( max is to two plates)

Copy of the identity document of the applicant

Copy of driver’s license

Act delegating person accompanied by identification of the mother applicant.

A Listing of Places where you can find some of these signs in Firenze:

– Campi Bisenzio (FI) Centro Commerciale I GIGLI

– Empoli (FI)

– Parcheggio Alberti

– Parcheggio sotterraneo della Fortezza da basso


– Parcheggio sotterraneo della stazione di Santa Maria Novella

– Parcheggio sotterraneo “Porta al Prato”

– Parcheggio sotterraneo “Sant’Ambrogio”

– Vicino Montelupo Fiorentino (FI)

– Centro Commerciale Ipercoop Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

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Parking and Changed Zones

Some of you might know and some of you might not know but Firenze has changed their parking Zones.  It is not done by Quartiere any more more on this new system stated here.

Controlled parking zone (ZCS)

We found this out the hard way by getting a ticket while parking by our kids school.  We parked in Q4 area because we take our children to school there and live there, but we have been reassigned to ZCS 1 area.  Great if I want to park on all the outskirts of the center city.  This is not practical for us since we use the Q4 area to park for our children.  All is not totally lost if you do have to use the area you are living in you can pay 30 euros and get it added to your parking permit.  But it would have been nice if they told us this.

The territory of the Municipality of Florence – ZTL excluded – was organized in 5 Controlled Parking Zone (Zone a Controllo di Sosta – ZCS) parted  in parking spaces reserved for residents (white lines) for disabled person with specific pass  or specifically  reserved (yellow line) and paid parking (blu lines).

The blue spaces are paying all weekdays from 8.00 to 20.00 except public holidays. The types of stops are indicated by traffic signs on site.

Here is where you can find all the information.  http://www.serviziallastrada.it

Short Story: Does the way you park reflect your culture??

Does the way you park reflect your culture??


Maybe I was spoiled growing up in “Happy Valley”  but everyone there seems to park in the appropriate places and uncivil parking was never an issue that I thought much about. Of course, State College, Pennsylvania is a suburb and therefore, there is not a shortage of parking places but I don’t think that this is the only reason why residents respect each other.  I’ve noticed that Florentines have to park as close to their destination as possible even when there are large parking lots/garages nearby.  The amount of people who have to park on the pedestrian walks makes me think that people are very selfish. It’s hard enough pushing a stroller through the city and then have people block your passage while you are crossing the street but do they ever think about those in wheel chairs? I would hate to be handicapped in this city. I go to a large gym (Virgin) where there is plenty of parking for everyone. There are always cars parked along the driveway because the drivers are too lazy to park in the back parking lot where they would have to walk an extra 3 minutes to the gym entrance. I could understand if this was a hospital and people had mobility issues but ironically this in a place where people are going to get exercise. One day, I was leaving my parking garage to find a van blocking my exit. There is clearly a “Passo Carrabile” sign and a large electronic door but this did not stop a driver from parking illegally there. This person did not even leave on his 4-ways to signal that he was nearby.  I sat there with two kids in the car honking for 15 minutes until this person finally came back. (Thank god it wasn’t an emergency!) There was a crowd of people who verbally confronted him and he did not even have the courtesy to apologize to me. (Please note that we live 2 blocks from a large public parking garage that ends up being empty most days).  From these experiences, I tend to think that the way we park shows the type of person we are and reflects our culture. Do you think of others before yourself? Are you so self-centered that you can’t leave 5 minutes earlier in order to find real parking? Yes, Italians are very family-centered but they often tend to loose sight of the community as a whole.

Had to add this video:
I am looking for stories to share with the moms.  Short stories about an incident you found interesting, funny, sad etc.  Something that is about the cultural differences you experience here while going about your daily lives. Submit them at infotiscali@firenzemoms4moms.net

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