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Asking for donations for Earthquake disaster in Cental Italy

It is devastating what has happened in Lazio, Marche, and Umbria area of Italy.  A 6.0 quake that has destroyed many homes and killed many people.  My heart and tears go out to the many people over there.

Here are some pictures of before and after to some areas where the quake hit. Click the link below to go to the news article where you can see the before and after shots.  It is very saddening to see the ancient towns destroyed like that.

The towns of Amatrice and Arquata del Tronto were among those in central Italy hit by a 6.2-magnitude earthquake early on Wednesday, killing dozens


Source: Before and after pictures of Italian towns devastated by deadly earthquake | World news | The Guardian


There is still a process going on as to what is needed and how items can get over to the area. Many stores are being supportive and donating new clothes, food and much more to those in need.

I have read that you can donate items, but I have also heard that those items might not make it to the people.  So when I hear more on that I will post, but for now the Department of Civil Protection is asking for a donation to the cause which is done easily by donating 2 euros by doing an sms on your phone that will be charged to your SIM card. In your sms settings you put the phone number 45500 and it seems it is also active on the landline as well. It is fairly simple and the best way right now to help out those in need from the devastating quake of 2016.

Park Pettini, Our Local Streets and Mayor Renzi

The park that we so love and have used many times for our outdoor events has been being slowly brought down to it’s bare minimum.  As you can see here by these past posts:

Raccolta firme per l’Area Pettini Burresi

Mamme per Firenze

Our very own Events Administrator, Jill Romanelli has been trying hard to save the parks in our city. She even wrote to the Major in the Florentine:

Matteo Renzi answers a reader’s query about improving Florence’s parks

We need to get on board and fight for our children’s playground not the touristic parks like the rose garden, iris garden, Boboli etc Parks that children have play grounds with apparatuses so they can learn and develop their skills.  When he mentions 

park or garden no more than 10 minutes away 

I hope he is not counting the dog parks, most of them are not fit for children running around or rolling in the grass. 

I am not happy with his response to her question or even other serious questions in the past.  I had mentioned  the light issues and street issues in a past letter as well:

Write the Mayor  dated June 7th 2012 

My main question was this and I wrote on behalf of the Network:

Consider just one example where lights are needed: Where via Giovanni Della Casa merges onto via Pisana and then onto via Aleardi, there is one light on the connection of viale Ludovico Ariosto. Cars and motorcycles race down those streets to the light on that corner, yet many children have to cross via Pisana and Aleardi in those areas (in front of the Esselunga, to piazza Pier Vettori, Monte Oliveto) to go to and from the schools at Gramsci, Petrarca and other schools. Moreover, the pedestrian call button at that light has been nonfunctioning for almost a year. There is no light on via Felice Cavallotti, where just crossing from one side to the other is a big problem during rush-hour traffic. Parents complain that the area is very dangerous for their children. I myself have almost been hit by cars passing the lone motorist who obeys the rules and has yielded to the pedestrian in the cross walk. What can be done about these dangerous areas, especially for our children going and coming from school?

Since his response of great concern, nothing has changed in the area I mentioned where a few schools are located and many children go to these schools.  The cars still have access to zoom down the street to come to a stop suddenly if the light so happens to change by the 20 minute timer it has on it.  The button still does not work.  

Here is project David that received 25 million for the streets.  Anyone else see any wonderful changes because of this project?

Progetto David, dalle multe 25 milioni per la sicurezza stradale

Truthfully I feel that our concerns for safety of the children and the welfare of families is completely ignored but there is a money hungry desire to bring tourist into the city. 

What are your concerns and how do you feel?

CDC Features – Child Passenger Safety

car seatThis site is very helpful when you want to learn about car seat safety and the correct way of placing the car seat for the different ages.  The rules are the same here in Italy.  It is a law and children are required to be in a car seat. 

Reduce Their Risk

In 2009, 1,314 children ages 14 years and younger died in motor vehicle crashes, and approximately 179,000 were injured. But parents and caregivers can make a lifesaving difference. Whenever you’re on the road, make sure your child passengers are buckled into appropriate safety seats. The safest place for children of any age to ride is properly restrained in the back seat. Data show that: In 2010, restraint use saved the lives of 303 children ages 4 and younger. Child safety seats reduce the risk of death in car crashes by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers ages one to four. For children ages 4 to 7, booster seats reduce injury risk by 59% compared to safety belts alone.All children younger than 13 years should ride in the back seat. Airbags can kill young children riding in the front seat. Never place a rear-facing car seat in the front seat or in front of an air bag.

via CDC Features – Child Passenger Safety.

Research articles from www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

I was jumped / mugged and robbed earlier today

Purse Theives

photographed by Simone Ballerini www.simoneballerini.com

I was jumped / mugged and robbed earlier today (in broad daylight while walking with my 4 year old). Anyhow, wasn’t able to beat the assailant with my umbrella and the iron man mask, hard enough (and believe me, I tried) so he got away my purse with EVERYTHING in it.

And for all to be warned. He, alone, jumped out of his car, got to me on the sidewalk jumping me from behind, and then took off in his car again. We did get some of the plate number, but the Italian police don’t seem to actively search for it even though we know spot on where it is!!! OUTRAGE!

What has really perplexed the police is that he did it with a child present (which classifies him as the lowest of scum). The horrid truth is that there is no way possible to prevent such an occurrence. It all happened so fast, and he did, so far get away with it.

My advice is to always carry the bare minimum in a bag (document-wise, objects etc), keep house keys in the pocket (easier done in jacket weather) and keep phones in pocket too, for as much as is possible. And lastly, only chose routes that have shops or heavy foot / car traffic.

The road I was on was next to a park with residential buildings on the other side (where I was walking). As it was rainy the park was void of people and the road was quiet. And no one was walking around.

Soon I will post steps to take when items are stolen:  Aside from blocking cards which is what the police advised even with the 113 call, it is hard to have a straight head and know in which order what should be done.

by Anonymous living in Italy

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Must Buy a Seat for your Baby on Alitalia Now

Hi moms! with summer plans underway soon be careful to double check Alitalia’s new regulations when traveling with children 0-2… seems like it is now obligatory to buy the child an actual seat at 80% discount but you must take along a car seat… make sure to read the fine print since Alitalia is pretty notorious for their unannounced policy changes.  Daisy

Posto a sedere per piccoli viaggiatori da 0 a 2 anniQualora desideri prenotare un posto a sedere per il tuo bambino, è necessario portare a bordo il tuo seggiolino per auto, a patto che:1. il seggiolino possa essere collocato tra i braccioli del sedile del velivolo 42 cm/16,5 pollici;2. il seggiolino venga installato personalmente a bordo, in conformità con le istruzioni d’uso del costruttore nel senso della marcia o con lo schienale rivolto alla marcia;3. il seggiolino possa essere fissato con la cintura di sicurezza non sono consentiti seggiolini composti da due parti, con tre punti di ancoraggio o ancoraggio con barra di metallo;4. il seggiolino non presenti difetti e sia dotato di marchio di omologazione visibile dell’Unione europea o di un altro ente pubblico ufficiale.

via Posto a sedere per piccoli viaggiatori da 0 a 2 anni |.

Henna Tattoos watch out

For those with teens and those moms that like Henna Tattoos watch out.

If you want to show off some cool body art over spring break, but you’re not willing to have it permanently etched onto your arm, realistic-looking temporary tattoos seem like a healthy compromise. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday warned people to watch out. Apparently, certain temporary tattoos can still cause permanent damage.

Caution: Black Henna Temporary Tattoos Could Leave Permanent Scars | Beauty on Shine – Yahoo! Shine.

Recycling Firenze: Ecostation



Tel. 055 – 7339396

E-mail centri.raccolta@quadrifoglio.org

Contact for pick up or where to drop off

Municipal waste non-hazardous
• Paper and cardboard
• Wood wastes
• Ferrous materials
• Household appliances white
• Electronic equipment
• Plastic wastes
• Used tires
• Vegetable oils
• Used clothing
• mowing and pruning
• Aggregates (up to 500 kg per year)
• Glass
• Computers and printers

Hazardous urban waste

• Refrigerators, freezers
• Air conditioners, air conditioners
• Monitor and TV (CRT, plasma, LCD)
• Batteries and accumulators
• Batteries Car
• Expired Medications
• Mineral oils
• Containers with residues of dangerous substances
• Contents of pressurized containers (spray)
• Neon tubes

Google Reader

Image representing Google Reader as depicted i...

Google-Reader-256Any of you follow the posts on Google Reader?  If so by now you should know that google is closing Google Reader July 1st so you need to get ready.  I have found using Feedly quick and easy way of switching over.  You can sync your account so you do not lose what you have done so far and then future add ons can be done with Feedly.  There are more options I am sure, just list them below as a comment.