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Firenze Moms 4 Moms Expat Club

Want to social with other Expat Moms? Join the Firenze Moms 4 Moms Expat Club and go to meet ups, join their Facebook Group and more.  Join us for a great community of expat mothers living in Italy.  ( click here to join)

Once you have joined you will be allowed into the Firenze Moms4 Moms Expat Club Facebook Discussion ForumFor security of the community group your Facebook Name will be checked with your name in our registered database.  If they are different you will need to contact the administrators of the Facebook Group to mention that you have joined and give them your name and email you registered with so they can check. 

Zumba Classes

FYI: New time for Monday evening ZUMBA Fitness classes. Now from 19.00-20.00. The lunchtime class still runs from 12.00-13.00. New prices too! Check out the new Facebook page for more info: www.facebook.com/zumbaflorence for those not on Facebook can email me at zumbajulia@ymail.com.