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Father’s Day

man-863085_1280Fathers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, with different backgrounds, personalities, ideas and aspirations for their children. We love them all! The important thing is that they play a crucial role in our lives, in our children’s lives. In Italy, we celebrate fatherhood and the importance of these wonderful human being in our lives, on March 19th. Here are a few ideas to surprise them with homemade gifts for their special day.

  1. The “little hands tree”. Draw a tree together with your children on a thick, colored piece of paper. Then, simply trace your child’s hands, as the leaves of the tree. Write a special message and there you have it: an easy to make card, that will surely bring a smile on this dad’s face.
  2. Driving dads love their car. The car is their partner “in crime”, thus it needs to be cared for accordingly. Buy all the products you know he would love to have for cleaning the car and put them in a stainless steel bucket. Have your children help you write with a marker on the bucket: “Daddy’s car wash kit!” This dad will be pretty excited about next week’s cleaning the car day.
  3. The “all you need for a night in front of the TV” basket. Most dads enjoy their time in front of the TV. If they’re also “allowed” to snack on the couch and have a few hours for themselves even better. Take a gift basket and fill it with anything his heart would desire for an evening in front of his favorite shows, such as chips, beef jerky, his favorite drink etc. Have your children give you ideas, and enjoy putting the products in the basket together. They will love picking out their dad’s favorite snacks.
  4. “Suits” dad. If he loves his suits and ties or maybe his job imposes a formal look during working hours, you could make little cute cardboard ties together with your kids and place them on “neck” of his favorite drink. Take a cardboard, cut it in the shape of a tie, let your children color it at their hearts desire and write “Happy Father’s Day” on them. Then, use an elastic band to glue it as the neck of the tie. There you have it, a little personal touch on a cute accessory to go with his drink.
  5. Last but not least, in Italy the traditional recipe for Father’s Day is that of frittelle di riso. Surprise him with a nice plate of frittelle made by you and the kids, or why not take a trip together to Greve in Chianti and celebrate the day at the annual festival Sagra delle frittelle di San Giuseppe, with ancient, traditional recipes.

Happy Father’s Day!!!


Arriva il Carnevale!

Soon enough the streets of Florence will be invaded by masks, costumes, confetti, colors and lights that will build a very exciting and unique atmosphere in our city! The Carnival is coming, one of the most beloved traditions in Italy, enjoyed both by children and parents.

Florence will host a lot of special events for children and parents to celebrate the Carnival. In Piazza Ognissanti the 9th edition of “Il Carnevale di Firenze dei bambini” returns on the 6h of February starting 2 pm until 6 pm, bringing a lot of fun games, cotton candy, projected animations and a beautiful parade for all to enjoy. Like every year the party will end with the burning of Stenterello’s mask. In case of rain the show will be cancelled.

At Sesto Fiorentino the celebrations begin on January 30th and 31st, and will continue on February 6th, 7th and 9th with the party of a thousand colors and jokes. An exhibition and a photo contest will be hosted as well as animations and many street events. The theme of the carnival is Pinocchio, the famous story of Carlo Lorenzini.

Teatro del Borgo has a special event planned, starting January 31st from 3,30 pm, presenting
“MASCHERE AL GRAN BALLO”, followed by a party for children with snacks and games. The ticket is 8 euros and 5 euros for children under 4 years old. Reservations are necessary by calling 338 124 1514 or by sending an email infopoderaccio@gmail.com.

Disney Store also organized a special contest from January 14th that will close on February 2nd. A card needs to be fill out in one of the stores for a chance to win a 200 euros voucher to be spent exclusively in one of the stores from Italy. You can also participate at the contest online to win a 60 euros voucher that can be used for online purchases. The store also organizes activities for children to decorate their own masks and participate at the mask parade. For more information you can follow the link http://www.disneystore.it/carnevale.

For the little and big rockers, Hard Rock Cafe Firenze has planned a party for children on February 6th starting 9, 15 am. The masquerade will be accompanied by a sweet or salty breakfast and the magic tricks of Martina Carras. Tickets are 10 euros for children and 16 euros for adults.

Like every year, Fosso Bandito is also organizing great events for children and parents that will take place starting January 30 until February 14. Every weekend will be dedicated to family activities including mask parades, clowns, games, cooking classes, readings, carousels and so much more.

By Ela Vasilescu


La Casa di Babbo Natale – dal 05 novembre 2015 al 6 gennaio 2016 – Castello delle Terme Tamerici Montecatini Terme

9.jpg.ashxLa Casa di Babbo Natale, dal 05 novembre 2015 al 6 gennaio 2016, Montecatini Terme, esposizioni natalizie, VISITATE LA CASA DI BABBO NATALE, Santa Claus, Babbo Natale, Lapponia, babbo, natale, babbo Natale, casa di Babbo Natale, babbo natale, elfi, regali, addobbi, giochi, gita, mercatino di natale, mercatini natalizzi, giochi, dolci, regali, mercatino di natale, montecatini terme, terme tamerici, stazione Leopolda, firenze, florence noel

Source: .: La Casa di Babbo Natale – dal 05 novembre 2015 al 6 gennaio 2016 – Castello delle Terme Tamerici Montecatini Terme :.

German Christmas Market


December 2 to 20, the Weihnachtsmarkt, the traditional German Christmas market into town specialties as sausage, sauerkraut, pork knuckles, pretzels and strudel, as well as objects and local products in Germany and other nationalities. The market is wooden stalls decorated with Christmas decorations, which houses exclusively European operators. Location: PIAZZA DI SANTA CROCE More information: +39 055 2705233
+39 335365966

EVENTI: MERCATINI DI NATALE “Magie dell’Avvento” | Palazzuolo Sul Senio – turismo

MERCATINI DI NATALE “Magie dell’Avvento” 11^ Edizione 6 – 8 -13-20 Dicembre 2015 Palazzuolo sul Senio -…

Source: EVENTI: MERCATINI DI NATALE “Magie dell’Avvento” | Palazzuolo Sul Senio – turismo

March 8 is National Women’s Day

FMimosa flowersesta della Donna is the name of the Day.  This is where I thought that men would treat women with respect.  It used to be when they gave mimosa flowers.  Mimosa flowers come from a tree and they are a brilliant color of yellow. Usually they have the museums for free for women.  So I decided to check on this and when searching I got this site (Festa della Donna Firenze 2015) and thinking it would show me all the events for the Festa della Donna 2015 it instead it shows a bunch of events with strippers.  Okay now I like a nice looking guy and I am far from a feminist but I really feel this is far from what the day is supposed to be about.  For once I agree with our feminist mom in the group Michelle Tarnopolsky.

Do we really still need to celebrate Festa della Donna? – Maple Leaf Mamma by Michelle Tarnopolsky  “The most common way for women to celebrate in Italy is by going out for a night on the town just with their girlfriends. No men allowed – unless you count the ones, say, performing a strip tease.”

Websites like “Festa della Donna 2015” should really be taken down.  Anyway, the museums are open for the women and there are other events you could go to.  Some for supporting battered women like the Women Supporting Women Event.

There are many other activities around town which you can find here on this site: „Musei, mercatini, mostre e teatri. Festa della Donna: tutti gli eventi“   from FIRENZETODAY

Ladies whatever you do tomorrow I hope you have an enjoyable day being a women and proud of it.

Happy Women’s Day

Kimberly Vanzi

November 11, 2014

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