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“Can’t You Just Stay?” | il bel centro

Yes it seems these are the posts of expat returning to their homes lately, but that is because there are a lot of expat leaving Italy to go home.  They are leaving for many reason.  Read this blog post about a family moving back and why.

“And so I am frequently asked, can’t you just stay? The short answer is “no.” Actually, that’s the long answer, too. Staying isn’t financially possible. But even if it were, we wouldn’t stay.”

via “Can’t You Just Stay?” | il bel centro.

Sometimes you just have to cry

Being an expat can be really a trail on us.  You have to adapt to a new life, in a new land, with new culture differences.  Sometimes you just have to let it out and cry.  This expat puts it well:

“Last week I was on the phone with a vendor cryingnegotiating some details of a contract and we disagreed about the conditions in one of the clauses.  The conversation was getting heated, though remained—I thought—cordial, until out of the blue the vendor announced he felt under attack, wasn’t used to clients treating him this way, and that I should take my business elsewhere.  At which point I very professionally began to sob.  With him on the phone.  Mortifying, wracking, nose-blowing sobbing.”

Read the whole story here:  Crybaby: The Expat Tantrum