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Obstetrician Doctors Here and Weight Gain


So why is it that the Obstetrician doctors here have big issues with weight gain during pregnancy for expat moms?  I am not talking weight gain above the standards of other countries. Here you can find an example of what doctors follow in the US for standards of weight gain during pregnancy. click here  In Firenze, I am finding many expat mothers (myself included) built with a broad structure, because of our genetics, are being treated on a weight scale as some small Italian women.  I am not trying to be stereotypical or racist, but genetics in different cultures do create different size women.  The standards for them are going to be different then an average Italian woman.  I see it already in the cloth sizes, where I have to get many of my clothes from the UK because the sizes here are disproportionately small and short.

I had a healthy pregnancy with my first child. I gained a good amount of weight (40 lbs. (20kg) by the end of my pregnancy) most water and baby (my boy was 10.4lbs (5kgs)) when born. This was 2 weeks after due date.  A very big baby but not because I was gaining weight. My sugar levels were fine with my first and no problems at all during pregnancy.  Now my second, conceived and born here also was a big baby (9.5lbs (4.9kg)). The first doctor I went to in the public system was going off about my weight gain at the end of first trimester.  I was starting my second trimester and I was showing quickly already.  I knew I was doing the same as my first child. I knew that I felt good and my blood work was normal as well.  Therefore, I switched doctors to a private doctor that took into consideration and looked at my levels of weight etc. from my first pregnancy.  As long as I stayed like my first pregnancy and blood work and tests came back normal; then all was OK.  In fact, I delivered a healthy baby without problems.  It was another C-section but that was because my first was born by C-section.  I was not allowed to go natural again after one C-section.

Anyway, did any of you have issues with doctors and weight in pregnancy here?


Kimberly Vanzi

June 27, 2013

Check it out you can now use the online form to find out what your tax filing status is in the US.  Just answer the questions and move on.  This even works for us living abroad and have non resident alien husbands.

What is My Filing Status?

Your filing status is used to determine your filing requirements, standard deduction, eligibility for certain credits, and your correct tax. If more than one filing status applies to you, this interview will choose the one that will result in the lowest amount of tax.

via What is My Filing Status?.

Permesso di Soggiorno for non EU citizens

Permesso di SoggiornoBefore applying for residency for non EU citizens you must first take care of your Permesso di Soggiorno

by Amy Mancino

The Permesso di Soggiorno (PdiS) is your most important document if you are a non-EU citizen in Italy. It can be translated to Permit to Stay.  Many places (online and in books) translate this as a residency permit which gets very confusing as there is also residency through the comune(city hall) but this is something else.  The PdiS is not just for those who are planning on moving to Italy but for anyone who will be in Italy for more than 90 days.  For stays less than 90 days you only need only a passport entry stamp from the Italian airport.  If you entered via another European country, within 8 days you must visit the local questura  (state police headquarters) and request a stamped Dichiarazione di Presenza http://www.interno.it/mininterno/export/sites/default/it/assets/files/14/0798_2007_07_27_Dichiarazione_di_presenza.pdf>  (declaration of presence).

It is best to always refer to the Italian government’s http://www.portaleimmigrazione.it   website for information and access to official resources.For most permessi types start with a visit to a local post office where you will pick up a “kit”. The kits are free.. The kit contains two modules (forms). The kit contains instructions for completing the forms (only in Italian); English instructions can be found on the http://www.portaleimmigrazione.it  website. Instructions are also provided on which additional documents are to be included to support your application.The forms are machine readable so completing them requires care.Once you have completed your kit you must go to a specified post office (only post offices that have sportello amico, you can find a list of them on the pt website). DO NOT SIGN or DATE your kit beforehand; this must be done in the presence of the postal employee. The employee will review your kit and if everything is in order you will be permitted to mail it. The cost (in Euro) per kit is: prices of your postal kit for pdis are the following..

for up to 1 year 14,62(marca da bollo) 30,00 assicurata..28,60 for bollettino plus 80 euro
for 1 year to 2 years 14,62 plus 30,00 plus 28,60 plus 100 euro

for over 2 years 14,62 plus 30,00 plus 28,60 plus 200 euro The marca da bollo should be acquired before you go to the post office; you can pay for the permesso and postage at the post office. You must pay in cash. The post office in Florence only requires photocopies of you passport pages with writing on them and of course the visa page if you have one.

You will be given a receipt for the kit. It’s very important that you save this as it provides proof you’ve applied. It includes a user id and password that enable you to check the status of your kit at http://www.portaleimmigrazione.it .

Once your kit has been mailed it will be processed, you will receive a letter indicating date/time of your convocazione appointment at the questura to submit 4 photographs and be fingerprinted; or, if there are any open questions to answer them. Subsequently, you can check online at http://questure.poliziadistato.it/stranieri/  to find out when to pickup your new permesso, which is a digitized card.

You must go to the questura in Via della Fortezza number 17 arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment time and show your paper that the post office gave you, you will then be given a number and must wait until it is called. Bring the copy of your letter, your passport and a copy of the pages with writing or stamps or visas on them and all the documents you have pertaining to your immigration to Italy, (lease, work papers, pay slips etc) bring 4 pictures, you can get them done at any photo booth that does id pictures or at the photographer. Remember not to cover your eyes or face too much with hair. Here are examples http://www.fotografi.org/fototessera/default.htm.

Once you have submitted all the necessary forms to the questura window, you will fingerprinted and then asked for a cell phone number as the notifications of pdis ready to be picked up are sent by sms.

Once you receive your sms that the pdis is ready. Get all the same docs you brought to the first appointment and go to the questura on the date in the SMS, do not worry if you cannot make it. Just makes sure you don’t go early in the morning as pickups are only in the afternoon. I suggest going around 12 noon and asking if they are giving out numbers for afternoon pickups which usually start around 1:30 pm but ask the Policeman at the door as things often change. On Friday they are closed in the afternoon so pickups are done in the morning.

If you have minor children they will only need to be brought to your first appointment. There is no need to bring them to pick-ups but remember to bring their original passports with you.

Once you have your permesso I suggest you make a fotocopy or scan of it.

Residency in Florence as a non EU citizen

Once you have your Permesso di Soggiorno you have to register it.

To apply for residency in Florence as a non EU citizen you must first have your permesso di soggiorno.

Once you have this you must bring it to the Anagrafe office to have them register it. Bring your original passport(s) and registered contract if you are renting.

There is also the possibility of registering your documents by fax or by mail. The fax is sometimes hard to get through so you may want to send by registered letter that sends you the receipt(A/R). After 2 days you should get a letter that they are processing and usually within 15 days they approve the residency with the right to revoke if they send someone to the house and you are not living there or if there is some problem with your permesso. I strongly suggest the by mail or fax method as its proven to be faster and easier then trying to make an appointment at the anagrafe or waiting in line.

Coffee in Italy

I know you moms can not live without your coffee to keep you going.  Here is a great blog article that describes in detail the names of the different types of coffee you can get at bar.

It would be hard to think of Italy without coffee. After all it is the national breakfast and the home to coffee drinks that have taken the rest of the world by storm. Without Italy, Starbucks would not exist and without coffee, Italy would grind to a halt. No, coffee was not invented in Italy but coffee culture as we know it did originate here.

via  The World of Italian Coffee- Life in Italy.com


Vaccines for your Child

Here is a table of the vaccines for your child which most are done at the ASL for free.  As of now, they are not required to attend school but  they are recommended.  Since there are always some changes in the years you should double check with your local ASL if you have any questions.

Vaccines for your Child