Obstetrician Doctors Here and Weight Gain

So why is it that the Obstetrician doctors here have big issues with weight gain during pregnancy for expat moms?  I am not talking weight gain above the standards of other countries. Here you can find an example of what doctors follow in the US for standards of weight gain during pregnancy. click here  In … Continue reading Obstetrician Doctors Here and Weight Gain

What is My Filing Status?

Check it out you can now use the online form to find out what your tax filing status is in the US.  Just answer the questions and move on.  This even works for us living abroad and have non resident alien husbands. What is My Filing Status? Your filing status is used to determine your … Continue reading What is My Filing Status?

Permesso di Soggiorno for non EU citizens

Before applying for residency for non EU citizens you must first take care of your Permesso di Soggiorno by Amy Mancino The Permesso di Soggiorno (PdiS) is your most important document if you are a non-EU citizen in Italy. It can be translated to Permit to Stay.  Many places (online and in books) translate this as … Continue reading Permesso di Soggiorno for non EU citizens

Coffee in Italy

I know you moms can not live without your coffee to keep you going.  Here is a great blog article that describes in detail the names of the different types of coffee you can get at bar. It would be hard to think of Italy without coffee. After all it is the national breakfast and … Continue reading Coffee in Italy

Vaccines for your Child

Here is a table of the vaccines for your child which most are done at the ASL for free.  As of now, they are not required to attend school but  they are recommended.  Since there are always some changes in the years you should double check with your local ASL if you have any questions. … Continue reading Vaccines for your Child