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OMG I cracked a tooth a day before vacation

All fixed

All fixed

This is not what you want to have happen, especially one day before going on vacation. You are all packed and ready to leave the next morning. You got up out of bed, hit your chin and wham, you knocked your front tooth in half. Of course this was a tooth that you already cracked off when you were 12 years old by a softball. After all these years it falls out with a slight hit of the chin.  Anyway, you need to find someone fast and reliable.

This is what happened to me, so I called up the dentist that I had to quickly find when my back molar cracked and had a big hole in the base of my tooth. That tooth had to be completely extracted.  I had so many worries because I have special issues being immunosuppressed with my medicines I take for my autoimmune disease.  So I needed a doctor close to home, spoke English (not a need but really helps in an emergency situation), and knew about people with my health condition.

I asked in the Firenze Moms 4 Moms Expat Mom’s Club where I could find such a dentist.  I was lucky to have found the right person.  He not only extracted my molar when that cracked, but he also was available at a quick notice with my broken tooth a day before my vacation.

He is a husband of a mom in the group, but a great guy that does dental work on children as well as adults. He is very professional, obviously knowledgeable of the new dental procedures, along with knowing about dental issues in people with autoimmune disease.  Many thanks goes to Dr. Niccolò Trentanove for being there to help me out with my many dental emergencies, that seem to happen at odd times, out of nowhere.

His office is very easy to get too and located just outside the main center.  He provides the following services: repair dentures, orthodontics, dental root canal treatment, oral hygiene treatment, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, implant dentistry, extraction surgery, implant surgery and teeth whitening.

His contact information is:

Dr. Niccolò Trentanove
Via Senese 12 – 50124 Firenze (FI)
tel: 055 2298271
partita iva: 02282030481

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers


Public Assistance Emergency 113
Carabinieri 112
Vigili del Fuoco / Fire 115
Automobile Club d’ Italia 803 116
Railway Police 055 211 012
Traffic police 055 50681
Health emergency 118
Poison Center 055 794 7819
Drugs and toxic in pregnancy 055 794 6731
Abuse and sexual violence 055 794 7493
Coronary unit Mobile 118

Hospital Universitaria Careggi
Largo Brambilla, 3-50134 Firenze Switchboard 055 794 111

Hospital University Meyer
Viale Pieraccini, 24-50139 Florence Switchboard 055 56621
Ambulatory Pediatrics festive family c / o Meyer Hospital Viale Pieraccini, 24-50141 Florence Saturday, Sunday and holidays Access to the emergency department or by phone at 055 566 2915

Santa Maria Nuova Hospital
Piazza di Santa Maria Nuova, 1 – 50122 Florence Switchboard 055 69381

New Hospital San Juan de Dios
Via Torregalli, 3-50143 Firenze Switchboard 055 69321

Hospital Santa Maria Annunziata (Ponte Niccheri)
Via dell’Antella, 58 – 50012 Bagno a Ripoli (FI) Cenrtalino 055 69361

Presidio Piero Palagi
Viale Michelangelo, 41 – 50125 Florence Switchboard 055 69371