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Plan B: Love Stories Gone Wrong Amy Sarno

Hi Everyone:

I’m spending my sabbatical in Florence to write a play about the experience of expat American women living in Italy who find themselves facing intimate partner violence.

The project, “Plan B: Love Stories Gone Wrong” examines the lived experience of American expat women who have survived domestic violence. While many of the women who have left abusive relationships in Italy have returned to the United States; some have chosen to stay in order to keep custody of their children. I am interested in interviewing survivors who remain in Italy.

Another part of the story has to do with the individuals who help women facing violence to move ahead with their lives. I am also wanting to speak with service providers, counselors, physicians, midwives, advocates, attorneys, and embassy officials who work with women who have struggled with violent relationships in Italy. The interviews will be edited to create a performance piece intended to raise awareness about a side of domestic violence most people never consider: the expat experience. The goal of this play is to create a simple play that can tour to raise international awareness for the challenges expat women face when they find themselves in violent relationships.

I do use informed consent so your privacy is protected. I am hoping to have interviews completed by November 1, so please drop me a line at sarnofra@beloit.edu.

Amy Sarno
Associate Professor of Theatre
Chair of the Quisenberry/Wirtz Endowed Fund for Theatre and Social Change
Beloit College, Beloit, WI 53511

Women Supporting Women

WSWposter2013_eng_WEBEvery three days a woman is killed in Italy as a result of domestic violence.  Last year Artemesia – the women and children’s crisis center – helped approximately 1000 women rebuild their lives.  By the end of August Artemisia had already helped approximately 800 women this year.  As public awareness has risen with respect to domestic violence, and women are coming to realize that there is a way out, the need for a safe place to receive assistance is increasing. 

On October 10th please come and support the work that Artemesia does with women who dare to dream of a better life.  Join us for an AILO evening of Art Against Domestic Violence.  For the details please see the attached flyer. WSWposter2013_eng_PRINT

You can also show your support by sharing this email with your friends and posting the flyer on your Facebook page. 

Together We Can Make A Difference.