How to Make Vanilla Extract

I love to bake and one thing I need a lot of is Vanilla Extract.  Here you can find vanilla in tiny glass vials but it is just not the same as home.  The powder sugar and baking powder can also have some added vanilla but it is just not like what I was used … Continue reading How to Make Vanilla Extract

Chicken in a Pasta Dish in Tuscany

Ok, please prove me wrong, but I searched and searched for an authentic Tuscan pasta dish using chicken.  I am not talking more modern dishes because of dietary changes, but more true authentic dishes.  Of course there is roasted chicken, chicken and sage and more,  but not on pasta.  Why was this?  Chicken had to … Continue reading Chicken in a Pasta Dish in Tuscany

Ghiaccioli: Ice Pops

It is getting warmer again and that just calls to me Ice Pops I love them because they can be made healthy and so versatile.  For starters you need to get the molds and has a huge selection and many different sizes ranging from infant small ones to adult large ones.  Check them out … Continue reading Ghiaccioli: Ice Pops

All I can say is I love it!

Natural Italy Tours presents Mamma's cooking, a show that teaches you the simple facts of basic Italian cooking. Mamma's cooking is a family oriented show and hopes to share new recipes that will be enjoyed by the entire family. Make sure to check out our site and blog at for tours and useful information … Continue reading All I can say is I love it!