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bilingAnother great bilingual blog, check it out.

 My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids – Bilingual Monkeys.

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Babies raised in bilingual homes learn new words differently | ScienceBlog.com

Infants who are raised in bilingual homes learned two similar-sounding words in a laboratory task at a later age than babies who are raised in homes where only one language is spoken. This difference, which is thought to be advantageous for bilingual infants, appears to be due to the fact that bilingual babies need to devote their attention to the general associations between words and objects (often a word in each language) for a longer period, rather than focusing on detailed sound information. This finding suggests an important difference in the mechanics of how monolingual and bilingual babies learn language.

via Babies raised in bilingual homes learn new words differently | ScienceBlog.com.

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The Bi/Multilingual Child:  A Language Plan

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Bilingualism | Firenze Moms 4 Moms Network Expat Group


Salima Qureshi-Biagiotti is an American speech-language pathologist living in Florence since 2004. She has volunteered to write a column on language development in regards to Bilingualism. Here is a description of her upcoming articles in the Spring Issue. Her first one is on The Bilingual Child: Mother-Tongue (Discusses importance of parents using their mother-tongue to establish self-identity, self-esteem, connection to both parents homeland…etc.) The second will be The Bilingual Child: Defining Bilingualism (Deciding to raise a child bilingually should be carefully planned. Creating a definition that best fits your family is the first step.)

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