Electronic Health Card Benefits

Well you got your health card and you might not know the many benefits that you can do electronically with your card. First let me mention you need to activate it at your ASL CUP office to get the benefits of Online services for the Health Card.  The office will activate the card and give you a pin.  If you are doing this for the whole family you will get a pin for each member.  After activation, you should receive the card reader.  Looks like this.

card reader

You need to go online to Servizio Sanitario della Toscana and download the correct software for your computer:

Installazione lettore (Install software to recognize the machine)Look at your card and determine which one you have then click the carta numero that looks like your card.  Once you click it will go automatically with the windows install page if you have mac or linux click that link and follow those steps.  In the steps you will see Scaricare il pacchetto software click that to install your software.

Manuale utente Fse (instruction Manual for using the software for Medical) off Servizi attivi per i cittadini  Sorry only in Italian

Once you have software installed you can connect your reader to the computer, enter into the software, go to this site: ServiziToscana  That is where you will see all the different online services your card can get you. 

  1. PuntoSi (pay online for your visit or bloodwork) click Ticket Sanitario
  2. Diario del Cittadino on line (view a list of office, hospital visits) click Fascicolo Sanitario
  3. Le tue vaccinazioni on line (view your vaccinations done in Italy here) click Fascicolo Sanitario
  4. Analisi del sangue on line (view and print your blood work, but also your other exams you have done) click Fascicolo Sanitario
  5. You can also change your doctor and child’s doctor online this is without the reader
  6. You can cancel your appointments online  this is without the reader
  7. See your medicines you purchased by prescription also when you use your card at the pharmacy to get your prescription medicines the receipt can be used on your taxes. So do not loose them keep them for taxes. click Fascicolo Sanitario



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