Looking for a babysitter?

Most of you know, from my past posts, that I do not posts from individuals saying they can babysit.  I do not know these people and can not vouch for them, so I do not post them on the site. A mom in the FMs4Ms Network has taken to creating a business for babysitters.  The … Continue reading Looking for a babysitter?

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Florence Flood

Announcing Special Event:  November 4, 8:00 p.m. - Candlelight Procession Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Florence Flood!  This historic candlelight procession on Friday, November 4 will commemorate the Mud Angels - the young volunteers, many of whom were Americans - who flocked to Florence to help save the city's precious artworks in the wake … Continue reading Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Florence Flood

English teacher in Prato NEEDED

Hi mums, I'm trying to help a local school in Prato find an English teacher. I've put the word out on English teaching sites, but if any of you know someone looking for work, it these are the details: Opportunity: A wonderful English school in the centro storico of Prato (20 mins by train from … Continue reading English teacher in Prato NEEDED

Portale Giovani Firenze

I wanted to remind everyone about this site. It is a Firenze Comune portal site for teens and college students 15 and up.  They have topics of interest, events, and so much more.  Check it out. http://portalegiovani.comune.fi.it/  (site is in Italian, but a great way to get your teen to interact in the community)

What to do with your children’s drawings

Children love to draw; there is no doubt about that. The amount of drawings can become overwhelming. Possibly the outside of your refrigerator is filled, possibly even your walls. Your children love all their drawings. So what to do? I am going to post some possible solutions for you......

A Group of House Plants Hard at Work

Houseplants can clean your air, eliminating chemicals, mould and bacteria; they produce oxygen and moisture. One example is succulent houseplants. Those types are great at providing oxygen at night so are good for bedrooms.