Firenze Moms 4 Moms Network

Firenze Moms 4 Moms Network founded in 2004 to assist Expat English Speaking mothers in Florence and Tuscany. We know how hard it is to move to another country, let alone with little children. With our site we hope to give you the information to ease your moving and living experience here in Italy.

How “Firenze Moms 4 Moms Network” came to be:

It all started when I moved to Florence, in Dec 2002, I was lost. I had a 1 year old and was determined to find some friends for him.  Then in 2004, pregnant with my second child, I wanted to move beyond the playgroup and start to give out information to the moms listing all the things of Florence.  In moving here from the US, I had to do many documents, find doctors, etc. This is what is on this website.  Read more in detail of how FMs4Ms Network came to be….

The map with the location of many of the moms throughout the years. We have a very wide spread of expat moms around Firenze and the surrounding areas.