Please donate to keep this Network

This is the monthly reminder that the FMs4Ms Network needs your help in donations to continue this network that was set up in 2004 to help expat moms in their move to Italy.

Thank you to the few moms that have donated to give us 100 euro which has helped to keep a few things going so far. We are completely a volunteer organized network without a collection of a membership fee, but unfortunately we do accrue costs to keep this network going. We lost our holiday events because we could not afford them. So we are asking you for a small donation to help keep this group up and running. The 2000 goal is there so that we can  have the network for the years to come. The money that is donated is going all to the network for all the different avenues we have to give you the information along with events to help you adapt to living here.

If you are a business reading this: We the option to post your business information on our visitor posting section on our Facebook page to our many followers, we are also asking you to offer a donation for this opportunity. For if this network closes down, you would not have it to post your lovely business that is related to the expat moms.

To donate just click the link. Your donation goes through your credit card as the amount you put enter. The charges are all on our end.

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