Substitutes in Italy: Neosporin Ointment | Firenze Mom

Neosporin Ointment

Is very popular in the US for putting on small cuts and scrapes. I first found out about it when I got my ears pierced it was the go to for all little skin wounds. It is an antibiotic and it must be said that there is always a risk of get a strain of bacterium that is resistant to antibiotics with lots of use of antibiotics.  Over all though if used once in a while is a great for preventing scars and keep wounds clear of infections.

That said if you are looking for Neosporin in Italy it is called Streptosil. The ingredients in Neosporin is Neomycin Sulfate. The main ingrediant in Streptosil is STREPTOSIL ® Sulfatiazolo + Neomicina  which is the exact same thing.

So Streptosil is Neosporin. You an get the ointment here in the pharmacies by asking for Streptosil Unguento. Unguento meaning ointment.

Now if you do not need an antibiotic form of ointment for a wound you can use Aquaphor for wound healing. It’s ingredients are: Mineral Oil, Ceresin, Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Bisabolol


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